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Above is a picture of a stage we put together for an Afghan wedding in Foxchase Manor in Manassas. One of the themes was incorporating a lot of crystals and sparkles. We utilized a number of lights to create the necessary shadows in the backdrop and illuminate the iridescent crystals. The drapes were a lot of work, the pillars required a lot of muscle, and the placement of the crystals and hanging ornaments required a lot of precision. In the end when it all came together it was very elegant, bold, and grand.



This is a close up picture of the design pattern on the gold pillars and the amount of crystals draped in between each set of gold columns. The columns themselves have a lot of crystals hanging from them as well. We typically utilize uplighting inside each column, which creates a beautiful glow. A little bit in the background there is also the tall crystal bowls. In this case, we also added crystals to the crystal bowls.



A centerpiece arrangement consisting of baby breaths, hydrangeas, roses, and tulips. We also incorporated curly willow branches inside the cylinder vase, which added a unique element  of pattern inside each centerpiece vase. The floral color was based our client’s preferred color pallet of whites with some cream, however it can be made in other colors as well depending on the season and specific flowers desired. As far as “taller” arrangements go, this is one of the more cost effective designs that will grab your guests attentions without grabbing at your wallet.